Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remnants: New Paintings & Drawings by J. M. Culver (Gallery 122 @ Hang It)

Gallery 122 hosted this special solo exhibition, March 25 till May 7

Memories define who we are and shape our identities. Remnants takes a look into the nature of memory and a search for personal identity through capturing specific moments from childhood through portraiture, still life, and abstraction.

J. M. Culver’s new work draws inspiration from her interests in the human condition, memory, relationships, symbolism, and allegory. Images of little girls, green apples, broken chairs, birds, and cats take on personal meaning and symbolism while exploring the beautiful and dark complexities of childhood.

Remnants is a continuation of Culver’s Conjured Memories series with a focus on intimate reflection through autobiographical images and the memory fragments that continue to hold meaning throughout one's life.

This theme is explored through traditional and experimental approach assembled in expressive layers of oil, charcoal, acrylic, vintage fabric, and paper. The transitory nature of memory is visualized through the use of selective color, pattern, and texture, suggesting how the mind retains specific details vividly while others remain bleak or disappear into abstraction.

Work on exhibit includes life size drawings on paper, large-scale mixed media paintings on cradled masonite, and oil paintings with vintage fabric on canvas.

With Remnants J. M. Culver achieves with skill the immediate and intimate experience of childhood and the tangible expression of memory, sharing an honest and dignified human experience that we all can relate to.

J. M. Culver lives in Minneapolis where she works from her studio full time. She is actively involved in the local arts community as a curator and Chairperson at SSCA Gallery.

****All original artwork in this exhibition is available for purchase. Limited edition Giclee prints also available upon order. Sample prints are on display in the gallery as well.****

**Artist also available for commissions**


Gallery 122 at Hang It
122 SE Eighth St
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bike Club After Party at Cult Status Gallery

Black Label Bike Club After Party at Cult Status Gallery. Worst Friends Ever II Bicycle Race Event.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

C. Furnas & C. Reed Fine Arts Studio

C. Furnas & C. Reed Fine Arts Studio

This is a draft photosynth. A few photos could have synthed better. I think I'll re-up when I have time. For now, this serves as a demonstration for the Artists to explore.

Synthy 65%
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Date Created 3/5/2011
Location Minneapolis
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Jimmy Longoria exhibition "Murales de los Muertos", Hopkins Center for Arts

Exploring fine art paintings by Jimmy Longoria, at exhibition "Murales de los Muertos", in the Hopkins Center for Arts.
Photosynth is used to construct the virtual gallery from photos. This provides innovative, high quality documentation of the exhibition, and an enhanced viewing experience world wide.

Other Artists in this showing include Roberto Valadez and Salvador Vega.

UPDATE 2/8/2011
I'm very happy to say that this photosynth has been featured on the front page of Photosynth.net! It's gotten 6385 views in just 4 days, becoming the most viewed photosynth in the past 30 days. :)

UPDATE 2/11/2011
In the duration of the front page feature, this photosynth achieved over 10,000 views!!! TEN THOUSAND! wow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Very Much More @ The Soap Factory

"A Very Much More" aka the biannual volunteer show, happened in November 2010.
I visited the Soap Factory, knowing the building, observing the state. Previously, I had a discription of luminosity. Now I profoundly THANK over 50 volunteers whom make the Soap Factory possible!!

Copy from the show:
MINNEAPOLIS-The Soap Factory's 2010 Volunteer Biennial, "A Very Much More" opened on Saturday, November 13th. The show featured a variety of exciting new artwork from emerging artists among the Soap Factory's large volunteer force. 52 individual artists and collaborative groups responded to this year's theme: "New and old, everyday and exotic, scrapped together and manufactured, a beautiful mess of things collect and gather, swapping their pasts for new purpose." "A Very Much More" showcased over 60 selected works including installation, painting, video, and sculpture.

The Soap Factory relies heavily on its volunteer force of over 300, many of whom are artists. Most Soap Factory initiatives and exhibitions, including the popular Haunted Basement, rely heavily on volunteer support, creativity, wit and sweat. The Volunteer Biennial is no exception, as it is curated, designed, organized and installed completely by a committee of volunteers.

Organized by: Jared Hensel, Nicole Salm, Holly Wiggin (curators)
as well as Vena Ambrose, Michael Basler, Birdie Freitag, Shanda Nelson, and Ashley Prichard.

Participating Artists: Vena Ambrose, Kaia Arthur, Michael Basler, Ken Bengtsson, Tim Carroll, Gwendolyn Comings, Cornelius Coons, Sarah Dos Pfeifle, Julie Fischer, Paul Fosaaen, Hannah Frick, Scott Grover, Jared Hensel, Zac Hills-Bonczyk, Will Grant, Gina Hunt, Eric Joas, Karrie Johnson, Jordan Kocak, Carolyn Kopecky, Patrick Koziol, Kurt Liljequist, Hillary Lund, Michael Mason, Molly McGraw, Megan Mertaugh, Lawrence Mikesh, Alaina Mulawka, Shanda Nelson, Sandesh Nicol, Maia Pavitova, Liseli Polivka, Ashley Prichard, Mitch Redepenning, Jesse Quam, Tamara Sadlo, Siddarth Saikia, Jennifer Stano, Scott Steiskal, Tiffany Thayer, Shannon Thorson, Josh Tucker, Sara Udvig, Guy Wagner, Rachel Walter, Lyz Wendland, Hillary White, Holly Wiggin, Vanesa Windschitl, Gary Wolfe, Caroline Woodruff, Ross Yates.

I Heart Northeast @ Altered Esthetics Gallery

I heart Northeast; was an exhibition which ran at the AE gallery in May 2009. I went and volunteered to document the show into a photosynth, and was very happy.

There are some weird registrations because some of the art work appears twice in the Gallery..

I Heart Northeast!

One of only several official Arts Districts in the states, the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is home to over 400 artists, studios and galleries as well as countless historical landmarks and fabulous brownstones. This show features artwork about our awesome Northeast Minneapolis.

April 30 - May 30, 2009
Opening Reception Friday May 1, 2009

Artists include
Will Agar, Altered Esthetics, Teri Bloch, Mary Bowman Cline, Donna Bruni, Walter Horishnyk, Ursula Murray Husted, Martha LeDuc, Anita Martin, Todd Peterson, Ann Pitman, Nicholas Sagan, Damian Sheridan, Lauren Strom, Lauri Svedberg, John Terwilliger, Kristin Thompson

Stevens Square Art Center, Off Center Nov 2010

Stevens Square Art Center, Off Center Nov 2010

I stopped by for a visit to Stevens Square Art Center Exhibition "Off Center".

Artists in this exhibition include:

Amber Janey
Edie Overturf
Kurt Hippauf
Matt Wells
Erik Farseth
J. M. Culver
Faye Buffington-Howell
Terrance Davis
Jesse Green
Will Dinski
Don Loegering
Barb Saunders
Joy Kim
Jon Raether